iVAC Pro Blast Gate Model PBG-04-NA

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Features and Specification


iVAC Pro Blast Gate. PBG-04-NA

 Automated Dust Control for your Health, Safety and Convenience.

 The iVAC Pro Blast Gate 04 NA is an electrically driven Automatic Blast gate.

It is intended to be installed between the dust exhaust of a  power tool and the main dust collector ducting to a dust collector.

The Blast Gate is powered from a UL/CSA approved AC to AC adaptor.

There are three methods of controlling the Blast Gate.


a               Fully Automatic from a power tool on an iVAC Pro System.

When the power tool turns on, the iVAC Pro Tool will issue a wireless command instructing the Blast Gate to open. When the power tool turns off it will instruct  the Blast Gate to close.

 b              Wireless Remote from an iVAC Pro Remote.

In this mode an iVAC Pro Remote is used to send the Open and Close commands to the Pro Blast Gate.

 c              Manually Remote from a ‘Manual Wired Remote’

In this mode the operation of the toggle switch on the ‘Manual Wired Remote’ cable will instruct the Blast Gate to open or close.



Designed for 4 inch ducting.

Three methods of control. 

1.3 inch (33mm) collars for ease of attachment.

Self Cleaning mechanism.

Removable Slide.

Motor overload protection.

Powered from a 115Vac UL/CSA approved AC to AC adaptor.

‘One Blast Gate always Open’ feature.




Dimensions             12 in x 5.5 in x 3.5 in  (306mm x 140mm x 88mm).

Weight                     1.7lbs  (780 gms).

Plastic materials       ABS 94V0

AC to AC Adaptor   115Vac to 12Vac 1 Amp UL CSA approved.

                                    Output cord 2M

‘Manual Wired Remote’       10 ft  (3M).

Open and Close speed. 2 Secs.

Close delay              50 Secs. / 2 Secs.

Rf Range  40 ft  (12 M).