BCTINT Limited is a Canadian company dedicated to the design and development of a series of products that provide;


‘Automated Dust Control for your Health Safety and Convenience’.

There are two main families of iVAC product line; the iVAC Switch Box and the iVAC Pro System.

The iVAC Switch Box is intended for use in Onsite applications and the user is typically a D.I.Y. woodworking hobbyist or a commercial user, operating in situations where only 115Vac services are available.

From a Health and Safety aspect the iVAC Switch Box removes the distraction of turning a dust collector or vacuum on and off while operating potentially dangerous power tools. It automatically interfaces between power tools, such as table saws, chop saws and jig saws and controls a dust collection system such as a Shop-Vac or small dust collector. The dust collector reduces the hazard of airborne dust in the work area.

The power tool can range from a high power table saw down to a low power scroll saw; in fact most 115volt power tools that generate dust.

Switch Box overview


The iVAC Pro System has been developed for use by the woodworking hobbyist where this is often their retirement hobby. The objective is to automate the interface between multiple woodworking tools and a dust collection system.

It is based on the same principles as the iVAC Switch Box, of providing automated dust collection for the health, safety and convenience of the user.

The iVAC Pro System is a modular wireless system that can interface up to eight power tools of any operating voltage to a dust collector up to 10HP.

Automatic blast gates of both 4 inch and 6 inch are also available, that wirelessly interface to the iVAC Pro System.

iVAC Pro System Overview


iVAC November 2014 Update.


New Product.     iVAC Pro Tool Plus.

The iVAC Pro Tool Plus module was introduced in November 2014. This new module is used to interface your power tools to the iVAC Pro System. It clamps around the power cord to the power tool and it detects the status of the power tool by monitoring the magnetic field on the outside of the power cord. The iVAC Pro Tool Plus is a universal module that can be used with most power tools irrespective of the AC Mains voltage whether single or three phase.


Cost Reduction.     iVAC Pro Blast Gate PBG-04


As a result of a reduction in manufacturing costs the Suggested Retail Price for the PBG-04 blast gate has been reduced to $99.50US effective November 2014.


New Products.     iVAC Pro Metal Blast Gates.

As soon as the PBG-04 automatic blast gate was introduced, we received feedback from our customers requesting a six inch blast gate and also All Metal Blast Gates. We have now introduced two All Metal Blast Gates. The MBG-04, a four inch blast gate and the MBG-06, a six inch blast gate.


The iVAC Family of Products

Nov 2014

The iVAC Switch Box was introduced to the market in April 2009 and to date (Nov 2014) over 32,000 units have been sold. Feedback from many customers, who were mainly woodworking hobbyists, requested additional features and this led to the development of the iVAC Pro System. The iVAC Pro System at that time could interface basic power tools used in your workshop, such as table saws, routers and planers, to dust collectors up to 2HP.

Once again there was feedback from the customer which led to an ongoing series of developments to expand the capability of the system. In August 2011 the iVAC Contactor was introduced and this enabled the iVAC Pro System to interface with dust collectors up to 10HP. The iVAC Contactor uses a 3 pole contactor rated at 40Amps at 600Volts.

In May 2012 the iVAC Pro Tool HP was launched and it enables high power tools rated at greater than 3HP, or operating on three phase AC mains, to be connected to the system. As a result the iVAC Pro System could accommodate basically any power tool or dust collector found in a woodworking hobbyists workshop.

In September 2013 the iVAC Pro Blast Gate entered the market. The PBG-04 is a 4” automatic blast gate based on a plastic housing. In November 2014 it has been joined by two all metal blast gates at 4” and 6”. Automatic Blast Gate

The most recent product to enter the iVAC family is the iVAC Pro Tool Plus. This module can interface most power tools to the iVAC Pro System irrespective of the power tool operating voltage or power rating. (Link to User Guide.)

We are sure there will be more requests to further expand the capability of the iVAC Pro System.