We are an expert team of dedicated engineers and manufacturing experts with a passion for designing great products that fill what we believe are important needs. Most of us have worked together for 20 years now – and in some cases much longer – in the technology and manufacturing sectors. In high-tech’s heyday, we pioneered many products that are now common fare in a variety of fields and applications.

Everything that we do is guided by the following tenets:

Customer feedback is a critical component to our success, and we strive to implement your ideas, concepts and suggestions into everything that we design.

We design products with lasting value that are built to the highest quality standards.

We provide lasting value to our clients and refuse to skimp on critical areas related to product safety, regulatory approvals, reliability and performance.

We are in this for the long haul.

Indeed the iVAC automated dust control system’s history bears this out. What started out as a simple shop vacuum dust collector switch has grown into a family of intelligent automated dust control systems and accessories that meet the most demanding needs of workshops, schools and industrial concerns. This evolution is a direct result of client feedback.

iVAC is just one of several product families that we design, build and distribute through our wholly owned company, BCTINT Limited. BCTINT provides expert product sourcing, consulting and supply chain management services. Over the years we have successfully helped customers in a variety of industries with design, mechanical design, manufacturing consulting, mechanical parts outsourcing and fabrication, supplier quality audits and supply chain management.

If you would like to learn more about us, about BCTINT or iVAC dust control systems, contact us!

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