iVAC Contactor

Warning!  You must use a 115 volt Switch with the iVAC Contactor regardless of the operating voltage of your dust collector.

iVAC Contactor High Power Dust Collector Controller – for larger workshops with heavy duty/industrial vacuums and dust collectors

The iVAC Contactor High Power Dust Collector Controller allows you to connect a high powered dust collector or shop vacuum to your iVAC system. In larger workshops it’s common to see large dust collectors, sometimes up to 10 horsepower. These larger units can place heavy demands on your electrical circuits, and in many cases the start up current can be as much as four to five times the operating current and last for several seconds. This initial surge can over time damage the contacts in the iVAC Switch.


While we do strongly suggest hiring a licensed electrician to help with installing our contactors, you can watch this YouTube video to see a simple install for a single switch unit. This video was created by Paul from Brash Air.


The iVAC Contactor  can withstand start-up currents of up to 150 Amps and then maintain a running current of up to 40 Amps. It’s also rated to operate at up to 600Vac in either single or three phase mode and can be used to control dust collectors up to 10HP and larger if the dust collector is operating on a higher voltage or 3 phase power.

Installation of a contactor should be performed by a certified electrician as it involves custom connections.

The iVAC Contactor kit contains the Contactor unit in a rigid electrical box, a connecting cable to an iVAC Pro Switch and required hardware. All electrical materials are UL certified.

iVAC-Contactor3Not Sure About Your Shop Vacuum’s Requirements?

Shop vacuums and dust collectors can be a bit confusing. To compel you to purchase, high horsepower figures are often stated on even the smallest machines, using the term “Peak Horsepower”. However, peak horsepower is the point at which a vacuum’s motor stalls, and does not represent the actual horsepower under typical operating conditions, or the unit’s vacuum pressure. Most residential shop vacuums that are sold over the counter are designed to operate on a typical 115Volt, 15 Amp circuit. That said, here are some rules of thumb for deciding whether or not you require an iVAC Contactor High Power Controller for your workshop. iVAC recommends the use of the iVAC Contactor for:

  • vacuums/dust collectors operating on 115Vac that are over 1HP
  • vacuums/dust collectors over 2.0HP operating on 240Vac
  • commercial/industrial units with a continuous rating of up to 10HP

Still not sure? Contact Us and we’ll be glad to help you out!

iVAC Contactor Features
  • Control dust collectors up to 10HP.
  • Supplied in a kit format to enable customized installation for specific requirements.
  • All materials are UL approved.
  • Housed in an 8″ x 4.2′ x 5.5″ approved electrical box.
  • Controlled from a 115 volt iVAC Pro Switch or an iVAC Switch Box (part number S115XX-NA)
  • Standard 115Vac control voltage
  • Supplied with three cable entry clamps and a control cable

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