iVAC Fill Level Meter


The iVAC Fill Level Meter (FLM) alerts users to the level of dust and debris in their collection bin of their two stage dust collection system. No more overfilled bins that clog up filters that can take hours to clean. Know before you start a task if your bin is near full or empty before starting a task rather than having to stop midway through. Simple to install and use. It has bright LED’s that indicate the level from the underside of your bin to the top of the debris.

Installation involves drilling three holes (using the template provided) in the lid of your dust bin and mounting the Sensor module on the underside of your bin. Mount the LED module in a visible location on your shop wall. The bin can be located in another room, simply run the wire from the LED module to the Sensor module and plug the USB into any wall receptacle, plug and play.

LED Module                                            Sensor Module


  • LED display module
  • IR sensor module
  • Series of five LED’s to indicate varying fill levels, first two LED’s are green, the next two are
    orange and the final “full” level is a flashing blue / red indicating a full bin to be emptied
  • Waterproof cables
  • USB wall charger


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