iVAC Fill Level Meter Installation Guide


The sensor module is fixed to the underside of the lid of your dust bin perpendicular to the deepest area of your bin, and away from the central dust vortex, Fig “A”. The Sensor Module is backed with a foam dust gasket complete with 10-32 studs and lock nuts. A drawing is provided showing the hole sizes and location for drilling prior to installation; Figure “B”, the second foam gasket supplied can be used as a drill hole template. Once the holes are drilled feed the cable through the center hole from the inside, fasten the unit to the lid with the nuts provided slightly compressing the foam gasket sealing the openings, the second gasket is for uneven or rough surfaces.

The LED module should be mounted in a visible location in your shop giving you warnings as your dust bin fills and the different LED’s are illuminated. Connect the cables together as shown in Figure “C” lining up the arrows as you push the cable together. Once connected tighten the nut to secure the fittings. Plug the USB outlet into a receptacle and you are setup and ready to go. A good practice is before mounting to your dust bin connect the cables, plug the unit into an outlet, and run your hand toward and away from the Sensor Module to get an indication of the different LED levels. See the chart below for approximate LED level indications.

Figure “A”


Figure “B”


Figure “C”


LED Indicator Levels

First Green: 80 cm/31″ or more

Second Green: 40 cm/16″

First Orange: 22.5 cm/9″

Second Orange: 15.5 cm/6″

Blinking Red/Blue: 10.5 cm/4″ (Time To Empty)

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