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dust collection automation from iVAC

Dust collection automation for hobbyists and professionals alike

If you’re a serious hobbyist, a professional woodworking facility, a school or an institution, iVAC PRO will meet all your needs for dust collection automation, regardless of the type of machinery you operate. Thousands of iVAC systems have been installed throughout the continent in all types of settings including:

  • professional woodworking shops
  • high end workshops for serious hobbyists
  • schools and institutions
  • fabrication facilities
  • cabinet making shops

The iVAC Pro system’s versatility in dust collection automation allows you to add modules and features as you grow your shop facilities. It can be used to control multiple “zones” that use dust collectors, and can grow to accommodate over 25 tools or tool stations, regardless of each tool’s power requirements – 110V, 240V, or 3-phase power. For larger industrial applications, we even provide 6″ metal blast gates. iVAC Pro systems are designed to control even the largest dust collectors, up to 10 Horsepower.

If you have unique applications for iVAC in professional settings, schools or institutional workshops, we invite you to challenge our engineering team to customize a solution for you. Contact us for more information.

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