iVAC for Hobbyists and Woodworkers

automated dust collectioniVAC Pro System – Professional quality automated dust collection designed for the serious hobbyist and woodworker

The iVAC Pro System was designed for the serious woodworker and hobbyist, who tends to have a well appointed workshop with several power tools and one or more central dust collection systems. Typically these items can be operating on any mix of 115Vac or 240Vac power or even 3-phase power. The iVAC Pro System automated dust collection system  includes a variety of devices that allow you to connect practically any high powered/professional duty power tools and devices with high current requirements or 3-phase power. The key elements that make up an iVAC Pro system include:

iVAC Pro Switch – the heart of the system. Receives signals from iVAC tool interfaces and instructs dust collection systems to turn on or off accordingly

iVAC Tool Interfaces – these devices connect to the power tool and communicate wirelessly to the iVAC Switch and include the iVAC Pro Tool Plus  and  iVAC Pro Tool

iVAC High Power Interfaces – allow you to connect dust collectors of up to 10 HP (iVAC Contactor) and high-power tools (iVAC Pro Tool HP)

Automated Blast Gates – for controlling your dust collection ports and optimizing dust collector performance

automated dust collection

Designed to Grow with Your Workshop

iVAC Pro System was designed as an automated dust collection “system” solution that allows you to grow without the need for expensive control panels or wiring. Up to 4 iVAC Pro System switches can operate independently in the same workshop, and each switch can communicate with up to 8 power tools.

Thoughtfully Designed

iVAC Pro devices offer a host of programmable features that let you customize your setup including on/off delay times, multiple modes of operation (on/off/automatic), sensitivity adjustments and more. This means greater control over your dust collection system, optimized operation and improved performance and safety.

Built to Last

All iVAC products are designed and manufactured using top quality materials and circuitry with built-in safety features such as overload protection. Our products and components are fully approved by regulatory authorities and are designed in accordance with the most up to date safety standards. We designed iVAC, we build iVAC and we stand by it!

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