iVAC Automated Dust Control for the Home

Automated Dust Control for the Home with the iVAC Dust Collector Switch

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer who enjoys tackling projects in and around the home, you’re probably aware of the dust and debris that even the smallest job can create. While a shop vacuum can go a long way in helping with clean up after the fact, did you know that most power tools – like miter saws, portable saws and sanders for example – feature a built-in dust collection port that connects to your shop vacuum? Unfortunately, most people don’t make use of it, and tend to “clean things up after it’s done”. In the meantime, dust makes its way throughout your home, is tracked by your footsteps, clogs up air filters, and can make life miserable depending on the extent of the renovation.

There’s a better way.

iVAC Dust Collector Switch

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The iVAC Switch Box is a simple to use automated dust controller that activates your shop vacuum automatically whenever the power tool to which it’s attached is turned on. All you need to do is remember to hook up the vacuum hose to your power tool. With this easy-to-use dust collector switch, you’ll be amazed at how much cleaner renovation work can be. Dust and debris is collected immediately, extraneous airborne dust is mitigated and clean-up is much easier.

You’ll breathe easier, and ensure a safer working environment as well. Because the iVAC Switch Box powers up immediately, it helps to clear out any debris that may be stuck in the power tool and that can become a dangerous projectile – however small – in certain conditions. The iVAC Dust Collector Switch Box automatically turns the shop vacuum on before you actually begin to cut materials, and will continue to draw debris while the power tool is running and for approximately 6 seconds after you turn it off.

Installation is simple. If you can connect an electrical cord, you can connect an iVAC Dust Collector Switch!

View a video of the iVAC Dust Collector Switch Box

Check out the iVAC Dust Collector Switch Box.


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