iVAC Grounding Kit Installation Guide

Th iVAC Grounding Kit is designed to reduce the electro-static charge build up inside PVC pipes of your dust collection system. These electro-static charges can build over time and they will be dissipated via the point of the protruding screws that are connected to the conductive tape, which is grounded.

The kit consists of:

  • 50 meters (160 ft) of conductive fabric tape with conductive self adhesive
  • 50 washer head self taping screws
  • 10 ring terminals
  • 2 meters (6 ft) of ground wire

Installation method:

  1. Apply the conductive tape along the PVC pipe; make sure the surface is free of oil, grease and dust before applying.
  2. Install static discharge screws every 1 meter (3 ft) along the PVC pipe by pre-drilling 1.5mm (1/16″) hole through the tape. install washer head screws by hand or power tool with extreme caution. do not over tighten screw as it may tear tape.
  3. The tape is highly conductive and should overlap at run-offs and at all junctions. Screws should be applied for a more secure electrical connection, to avoid delaminating and aid in static discharge.
  4. Continuous conductive tape should be applied over iVAC Pro Blast Gate as illustrated.
  5. Install ground wire with ring terminal to a reliable electrical ground. (i.e. ground of the wall socket as shown)


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