iVAC Pro Tool Plus

Our iVAC Pro Tool Plus dust collector auto sensor is the easy way to connect tools to a dust collection control system.


With the iVAC Pro Tool Plus you can connect power tools of all types to an iVAC Pro System for dust control without having to worry about electrical wiring or tool power requirements. It works with all machines regardless of its operating voltage, frequency, current, or number of phases.

The iVAC Pro Tool Plus is a dust collector auto sensor that automatically detects when your power tool is turned on by sensing the magnetic field around the power cord. When the power tool is turned on, the presence of that field is detected by the sensor and a wireless signal is sent to the iVAC Pro Switch to turn on the dust collector. Similarly, when the tool is turned off, the sensor detects the absence of the magnetic field and signals the iVAC Pro Switch to turn off the dust collector.

Because the iVAC Pro Tool Plus is fixed to the tool’s power cord, there’s no need to accommodate different types of electrical circuits or power requirements, as is often the case with workshop power tools.

Installation is effortless. iVAC Pro Tool Plus is attached to the electrical cord of the power tool using the supplied clamp, and the unit is powered by an AC adaptor, which is also included.

iVAC Pro Tool Plus dust collector auto sensor


  • High quality plastic housing
  • USB power adaptor with 10 foot cord
  • Three Modes of operation – Auto, Off and On
  • Wireless operation
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Activity LED
  • 40 foot radio communication range between iVAC Pro Tool Plus and iVAC Pro Switch


View a video of iVac Pro Tool Plus

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