iVAC Pro Blast Gates


Blast gates let you control a dust collection system’s vacuum pressure in order to achieve maximum suction at a desired tool station. Dust collector blast gates let you control a dust collection system’s vacuum pressure in order to achieve maximum suction at a desired tool station. Imagine a well-orchestrated dance of hoses and gates, all working together to ensure maximum vacuum power at each tool station. At the heart of it all is the main dust collector vacuum, connected to each tool by a hose. But here’s where it gets interesting: at every hose run, a gate is installed, ready to be opened or closed. In the past, these gates were manually operated, requiring a bit of elbow grease to optimize the vacuum pressure. So, picture this: the blast gates are typically closed, patiently waiting for their moment. But when one gate is opened, it’s like a
grand unveiling, with all the vacuum pressure rushing to that specific tool station. It’s a symphony of suction, ensuring each tool gets the attention it deserves.

The iVAC Pro family of automated dust collector blast gates lets you control vacuum flows precisely and automatically. All of our blast gates are wireless, electrically driven and programmable. There are three methods of controlling an iVAC Pro Blast Gate:

Fully Automatic: When the power tool is turned on, the iVAC Pro Tool Plus sends a wireless signal instructing the iVAC Pro Switch to turn on the Dust Collector, and this same signal is used to instruct the blast gate to open. When the power tool turns off it instructs the blast gate to close and the dust collector to turn off.

iVAC Pro Remote: An iVAC Pro Remote can be used to send the Open and Close commands to the pro blast gate.

Remotely from a wired cable: The operation of a toggle switch on a wired cable can also instruct the blast gate to open or close.

Dust Collector Blast Gates

Installation is straightforward and each blast gate is powered from a 115Vac UL/CSA approved AC adaptor.

You can choose from 4″ plastic, 4″ metal or 6″ metal blast gate versions. The metal versions are typically used where fireproof materials are required in critical ducting paths.


  • Three methods of control – automatic, manual, and manual remote cable
  • Large collars for ease of attachment
  • Self Cleaning mechanism
  • Open/Closed indicator
  • Removable Slide
  • Motor overload protection
  • UL/CSA approved AC adaptor
  • ‘One Blast Gate always Open’ feature
  • Available in 4″ plastic, 4″ metal and 6″ metal sizes
  • The 4 and 6 inch metal versions are for applications that require all metal (fireproof) materials in critical ducting paths

View a detailed video of the iVAC Pro Blast Gate features and operation

5″ Flange *NEW*

These flanges are sold as a pair and designed to fit onto our existing 6″ blast gate for users who have 5″ ducted pipe in their ducted system. Please contact us to purchase.

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