iVAC Pro Remote

With our iVAC Pro Dust Collection Remote Control, a clean shop is always just a click away

The iVAC Pro Dust Collection Remote Control unit can be used with an iVAC Pro System to control a shop vacuum or dust collector manually.  It features On and Off buttons that instructs the iVAC Pro Switch to turn on a shop vacuum or duct collection system, giving you manual control as needed. It’s also often used to control the dust collector from a floor sweep station.


The iVAC Pro Remote comes complete with batteries and a belt clip for convenient use while in the workshop. The remote includes 2 CR2032 batteries that are designed to last up to 25,000 operations over 3 years before they need to be replaced. Radio frequency range is 40 feet and may be significantly more depending on the particulars or your workshop and sources of radio frequency interference.

Like all iVAC products, the iVAC Pro Remote carries all necessary regulatory approvals and certifications including Federal Communications Commission (FCC) & Industry Canada (IC) certification for use in North America.

As requested by many customers, it’s large, and its colour makes it easy to see – and find!

With an iVAC Pro Remote,  your Dust Collection system is always just a click away and is ideal for those times that you’re using tools that don’t have an iVAC Pro Tool Plus  or iVAC Pro Tool interface module.

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