iVAC Pro Switch


The iVAC Pro Switch is at the heart of the iVAC automated dust control system. It automatically turns on your shop vacuum or dust collector when you turn on a tool that is connected to the iVAC system via an iVAC Pro Tool Plus automatic sensor or an iVAC Remote.

Each iVAC Pro Switch can accept signals from up to 8 different tools to form a system – more than enough for the typical workshop. And up to 4 iVAC Pro systems can operate independently in the same workshop. Tools can be stationary, such as a cabinet saw, or hand held, such as a sander or router. In fact any tool that has a dust collection port can be used with the iVAC system.

Installation is simple and involves plugging the unit into an outlet and connecting the shop vacuum or dust collector to the iVAC Pro Switch. Each power tool requires an iVAC Pro Tool Plus, or an iVAC Remote, to communicate with the iVAC Pro Switch.

iVAC Pro Switch Automated Dust Control

iVAC Pro Switch Automated Dust Control system


  • Variable turn off time, can be set to 5, 15 or 45 seconds
  • 1.5 second turn on delay to avoid power surges and tripped breakers
  • Multi-switch capability allows independent iVAC Pro Switches to operate in the same or even
    adjacent workshops
  • Available in two different power variants to accommodate different dust collector voltages
  • An iVAC Contactor unit is available for dust collectors higher that 1 HP – contact iVAC for
    details if you have questions
  • iVAC Pro Switch is not compatible with dust collectors with magnetic switch or magnetic starters


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