iVAC Pro Switch Technical Specifications

iVAC Pro Switch Technical Specifications
  • Maximum number of switches per shop: 4. Each switch accommodates 8 power tool signals, for a total of 32 power tools with 4 dust collectors. If you want to connect more than 8 power tools to a single dust collector please contact iVAC Technical Support for advice.
  • When cascading iVac systems together so that one dust collector can look after more than 8 machines you are limited to 29 machines if you want the “One blast gate always open” feature to work properly.
  • Voltage: 115Vac or 240Vac depending on model
  • Current capacity:  20Amps
  • Circuit breakers are rated at 20Amps
  • Typical Motor drive capability: 1.5HP at 115vac, 2.0HP at 240Vac
  • Input power cord is 30” with respective NEMA straight blade plug
  • Output power receptacle with respective NEMA straight blade receptacle
  • Turn ON Delay 0 or 1.5 seconds, programmable
  • Turn Off Time 0, 5, 15 or 45 seconds, programmable
  • Range, 40’ line of sight
  • Maximum ambient operating temperature, 30C
  • Regulatory approval  – TUV certification to UL60950-1 and CSA 60950-1

iVAC Pro Switch technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

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