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Choosing an iVAC automated dust control system is easy!

iVAC automated dust controlFor the DIYer and Mobile Tradesperson

If you’re a light hobbyist, weekend renovation warrior or a traveling trades person looking to improve your health, safety and convenience when working with power tools, we recommend the iVAC Dust Collector Switch Box.  It’s designed specifically for applications where only 115Vac electrical outlets are available. It operates with most commercially available shop vacuums and power tools up to 5 peak HP. The attached power tool can literally be any type of 115V-15A power tool such as a light-duty table saw, miter saw or hand held tool.

Please note that the iVAC Dust Collector Switch Box is not a member of the iVAC Pro family and is
not compatible with any of the iVAC Pro System components.

For Workshops, Facilities and Schools

automated dust control from ivacIf you’re a serious hobbyist or woodworking professional with a stationary workshop, iVAC PRO will meet all your needs for automated dust control, regardless of the type of machinery you use. The key elements that make up an iVAC Pro system include:

iVAC Pro Switch – the heart of the system. Receives signals from iVAC Pro Tool interfaces and instructs dust collection systems to turn on or off accordingly.

iVAC Pro Tool Plus  – these devices connect to the power tool and communicate wirelessly to the iVAC Switch.

iVAC High Power Interfaces – iVAC Contactor – allows you to connect dust collectors of up to 10 HP.

Automated Blast Gates – for controlling your dust collection ports and optimizing dust collector performance.


automated dust control from iVAC

The Finer Details – Workshops and Professionals

Generally, the only other items to consider when choosing iVAC automated dust collection equipment are the power requirements of your tools and dust collection system, and the number of tools you wish to control. Professional workshops and schools may have an abundance of equipment with unique power needs including higher amperage 115V electrical circuits, 230V circuits and 3-phase power. Thankfully, there’s an iVAC interface for every need. If you would like to explore the finer details related to electrical requirements and such, download our Finer Details document below.

Download Which iVAC Pro Modules do I need?


Not sure of what you require? Contact us and we’ll be pleased to help you!

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