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Below is a list of iVAC user guides that you can browse or download at your convenience. Our iVAC user guides provide you with detailed information on how to set up and configure your iVAC system for optimum results.

OiVAC User Guidesur iVAC products were designed, then improved, through years of user feedback and recommendations. They reflect what a woodworker’s needs are, regardless of the size of the operation – whether it’s for a small weekend hobbyist, a school, or a large woodworking facility. Many of the system’s features were designed to:

  • save you time
  • improve health by helping to trap dust automatically, before it becomes a problem
  • facilitate and automate dust collection tasks
  • help protect your investment in machinery by respecting cycle times that affect your dust collector’s operating life

A quick peek inside one of our iVAC user guides will give you an idea of just how simple, flexible and versatile our systems are!

MSC_User Guide 

MSCA-RC  User Guide

iVAC PRO System Guide

iVAC PRO Switch

IVAC Switch Box

iVAC PRO Remote

iVAC PRO Tool Plus Sensor

iVAC PRO Blast Gates

iVAC Grounding Kit

iVAC Fill Level Meter

IVAC PRO Contactor C115 -A -NA


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