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iVAC Product Testimonials

I’ve had a fairly sophisticated iVac system set up in my shop for more than a decade and this is the first time any component failed.  Very impressive!  What’s more, when I was having trouble with this particular blast gate, I took the whole thing apart figuring it was probably caked up with years of dust.  Other than the surface dust one would expect on the outside of the gate, the inside was amazingly dust free.  I was also impressed with the very simple design of the product.


This is the greatest upgrade to my one-man shop! I will save hundreds of hours back and forth to the dust collector and old blast gates. It was very easy to install and nearly all set up from the factory! Thanks!
– Todd T


This setup is awesome!!!!  It’s so nice to have the entire setup automated and it will force me to use my dust collector whereas previously, I was only turning it on if I used my planar, jointer or had a lot of cuts to make.  You guys nailed it with this product!
– Charlie


I have built my iVac system over time.  I now have all 9 stationary tools in my shop  automated.  Can’t say enough positives about iVac!  Love it!!
-David C


Oh thats so courteous of you.
I actually saw on the website that you sell the 2 items in a package for a better price. just that it gave the message that it is out of stock.
I’m very impressed by your courteous service. I also got great customer service from David Goddard to advise me as to which items I would need.
kind thanks,
Mendy R


Thanks for the note explaining the delay.   I actually received the order today so very excited to put it all to work.  I have your automatic gates on another dust collector and love them, so this order will automate my second collector, saving much time turning on the machine and opening gates.  Your product is amazing for a shop with more than one person as gates no longer get left open or not used on machines.
Thank you also for applying the discount.
Andy C


I want to write to tell you that not only do I like your system but your after the sale service has been wonderful.

First: I wanted to put together my own contactor instead of buying yours.  Mr. Dave Goddard answered all my questions and I successfully made a DYI contactor.  The cost was about the same as buying yours but it was just fun to make my own.  That is great service to give up a little sale to help a person who bought the blast gates and switches from you.
Second:  One blast gate out of 5 did not work and Mr. Goddard helped me troubleshoot the problem.  It turned out to be a bad power supply and he quickly sent me a new one.
You make a great product and more importantly you back it up. Your attitude toward service make dealing with you a joy.
Chris S


Joanne,  thank you so much.  Your tech advisor led me through the process of what to order and told me that you’d see my purchase and initiate the credit.  I’m so happy to see your company’s really good service.

Bob S


Your product is excellent and I know for  fact that I have sold five of these units for you. We had new hardwood installed three years ago in February. The crew arrived in our dining room, with a table saw and a chop saw with no dust bags or vacuums. I told them they could not use their saws unless they used a vacuum. I set up the switch and a shopvac and they were amazed. They had never seen anything like it before. The owner of the company was so impressed, every install team, now has your unit when they go on a call. Thank you in advance. I look forward to receiving the breakers.

Bob M


Received the new power adapter. Thanks again for super-excellent service and unbelievably rapid fulfillment & shipping.

You guys are the best!!!

Thank You,

Joel W


Hi Dave, just a quick word to tell you that I received the new iVAC switch and that it works like a charm. Thank you for your help fixing this issue for me. Your professionalism and patience really turned this problem of mine into a positive experience. Your employer should know that you are a great asset to their team and you are welcomed to pass this message to whomever might want to hear of your good work.



I wanted to let you know that I got all of my order installed couple days after Christmas. Everything works flawlessly and I really don’t know how I lived without your products! It’s one of those things you don’t realize how nice it is until you have it. My shop is divided into three different areas and I hope to be adding more gates and sensors to the final section soon.

Thanks, Wayne
iVAC Pro 4″ Pro Plastic Blast Gate
iVAC Pro 6″ Metal Blast Gate
iVAC Pro Switch
iVAC Pro Tool Plus
iVAC Fill Level Meter


Customer Service

Dave, just finished and it works perfectly! Thanks again. Consider me a iVAC fan. Great products and equally great customer support.
Dave A


BTW, it is nice to work with a company that appreciates and respects good customer service.

I applaud your company!

Best Regards,

John H


Dave –

I finally completed setting up my iVAC dust collector system last night and I would like to let everyone know about the GREAT customer service/support you provided me during the installation of my iVac system.  Although the installation was quite easy and straight forward, I did have my challenges BUT, not because of the iVac system. You provided me with very clear and accurate answers every step of the way. I would definitely recommend the iVac system to any small or large shop.

Thanks again for your excellent customer support!




I have encouraged all my friends to invest in your product for their workshops, and have passed on the great service you provide to my Woodworking club members.

Have a great day.




Hi Dave,

First, thanks for the complete and clear answer. I was expecting a typical support response directing me to an FAQ, and was in complete shock to receive an actual answer. Kudos to you and the iVac team.
I’m headed to the local Woodcraft store today during lunch to pick up an iVac blast gate. I’m sure this will be just my first of many iVac components I purchase!
Many thanks,
Feb 25, 2019


Dave, I want to thank you for sending the iVAC switch. Because of your outstanding customer service, I will look nowhere else but to iVAC for my dust collection needs

Best regards, Andy

Have a Great Day !!!


Tue, Jan 29, 2019

Business Analyst/Analyste d’affaires – Service Assurance/ Assurance du Service



The new switch works like a charm.  No issues with the remote operation at all.

Thanks again for all of your help with this.

It’s greatly appreciated and just one more reason to keep buying iVAC hardware.


Wed, Jan 16, 2019


Date: Wed, Oct 24, 2018 at 6:02 PM

Dave and Joanne

I want to thank you for your outstanding customer service.  Received the relay today and within 15 minutes I was back up and running. I truly wish more companies showed your helpfulness.

Sincerest regards



iVac Blast Gate

You’ll never know how valuable and time saving this new product is until you actually use it. Well, you don’t actually “use” it because it’s totally automatic! Once set up and getting familiar with the options, I couldn’t be happier. That’s because I no longer have to open blast gates when I go to a piece of power equipment, and I no longer have to remember to close a blast gate when I’m done. Here’s what the blast gate looks like hooked up to my planer… read the review      ttmelcher , 03/14/2015 at 10:38 am


“THANKS for a great quality product …”

Nov 18, 2014 –  Just want you folks to know that this is a super fantastic system. Easy to set up and use. And very reliable. This improves productivity bunches. THANKS for a great quality product. Feel free to use this on any of your feedback or product reviews.

Billy W. Epp


This is a great product.

Mar 28, 2012 – The iVAC Switch Box works wonderfully.  My saw is a 1 3/4 hp hybrid table saw made by Steel City; and the vacuum is a 1HP Acura.  Thank you for all your help.  This is a great product.



“I am really impressed at how easy it was to install…”

Mar 1, 2012 – I have finally found the time to hook up y dust collection, and just wanted to send you a little thank you for your product!!! I am really impressed at how easy it was to install and get running in one shot. every tool in my shop is now hooked up with no dust!!!! Thank you again for such a wonderful product .



“Everything worked just as advertised …”

Feb 16, 2012 – I just wanted to drop you this note to let you know that I received all of the iVac components last week. I hooked everything up this weekend after setting the individual tool addresses (which was a simple and painless step) and was extremely pleased! Everything worked just as advertised.

This is going to be the thing that gets my dust collector used ALL OF THE TIME now (instead of just when I used to take the extra effort to turn it on)! Very simple, straight forward and easy! I’m looking forward to living with my new iVac system. Thanks for making a great product!

Best regards, Brian


“Quite frankly, I can’t see having a shop without this system, it’s a gem …”

Jan 28, 2012 – I have to tell you that I’ve been nothing but very impressed with the iVAC system. Quite frankly, I can’t see having a shop (pro or weekend warrior) without this system, it’s a gem.

Regards, Gord


“Yours was the easiest to install and simplest to operate …”

I think I have solved the remote problem.  It appears that I was not waiting long enough for the delay.  I have now shortened the delay.  Everything is now working fine.  Thank you for all your help.  I have used other control systems (Eco Gate and wired gate systems) before.  Yours (other than for my inept wiring) was the easiest to install and simplest to operate and your support has been commendable.  Will strongly recommend it to my friends.  Would recommend that you get literature and more information out to customers/vendors about the Contractor/iVAC 115/20 Switch requirement for the 220v/higher hp dust collectors.  A lot of us have them and the Contractor and Remote would be items that vendors should probably stock.

My system consists of 3 hp Oneida Dust Gorilla to which I have connected a oscillating spindle sander (220v), a 48″belt/12″ disk sander (110v), a 18″ Laguna Band saw (220v), a 10″ cabinet saw (220v), a Powermatic lathe (220v) and my remote.  I have 115/15 iVAC units installed on my planer and drum sander which share an address because I never hook them up at the same time.  I do the same with my 2 router tables and Legacy Mill.  I also have DC drops at my drill press and floor sweep which I control with the remote.

Thanks, Norm


“I was looking for that type of system for a long time…”

I just want to thank you for the great service you have provided me! Also, I had the electrician installing the system and it works great!…I was looking for that type of system for a long time…

Cheers, Mario


“Anyone that has or is about to get a Dust Collection System HAS to buy the iVAC Pro, if they are serious about their health and safety.”

Well I am all set up and the system is fantastic! I set up the system in about 2 hours, the majority of the time was wiring in the new contactor and eliminating the mag switch for the 3hp dust collector. I then setup my 220V 8” jointer, 220V 26” X 12” twin drum sander, 220V 10” 3hp cabinet saw, 110V planner and my 110V 10” Radial Arm Saw.

Anyone that has or is about to get a Dust  Collection System HAS to buy the iVacPro, if they are serious about their health and safety. No more, ah it’s just a cut or a quick sand. It doesn’t get any simpler than just turning on your saw or sander and the dust collector fires right up.

At the current price point I think it’s well within the reach of weekend woodworkers and DIY’s like myself,  just in the savings on shoe leather. If you need any references you definitely have mine!

Thanks for everything,

– Glenn


Received iVAC Switch Box – Thank you so much

Hello Andy

I received the iVAC Switch today with great enthusiasm.  I tested the unit with a Bosch Hammer Drill in the Tool Receptacle and a fan unit for the Vacuum Tool Receptacle.  It worked flawlessly as I would have expected.  As  mentioned, the unit triggers the Vacuum Receptacle (in Auto Mode) with around 0.25 to 0.3 Amps.  I tried the variable speed drill at a very low speed and it turned on the Vacuum Receptacle as was mentioned.  I tested the unit in all modes: Auto, On, Off and they all worked fine.  In the Auto Mode if I briefly turned on the drill (two to three seconds), the shut off time is somewhat shorter than the six seconds which is perfect since there is no need for it to run the full period after shut-off as in the case of someone changing their mind or he/she forgot to do something before getting ready to do some actual woodworking operation.  When the Tool Receptacle senses more than the brief period (as in five or more seconds) then there is some real woodworking operation being performed and therefore the Vacuum Receptacle remains on for the full six seconds.  (I would suspect this is a function of some RC circuit where the capacitor (C) is being charged the full amount as opposed to a fraction of a charge in the case of the brief turn on).  This works to the advantage of the Smarts of the iVAC Switch Box Unit itself…so great job.  It is definitely an ECO Green Product as well!

Once I have the whole dust collector system ordered and put together I will let you know how things turn out and whether I may or may not require an external relay, contactor, or motor starter for the dust collector motor.  Once again thank you so much for your help.

– Bruno


iVAC Automated Vacuum Switch

I have a relatively small shop so I have been getting by with my saw and a shopvac for dust collection. I have been wanting a dedicated DC for some time, but just haven’t quite found the money. I have also always admired the Fein vacs for their built-in “switch” that turns on when you turn on a connected tool. But the Fein vacs are pretty expensive, not much less than a low-end DC.

Then I discovered the iVac.

Before the iVac, I must admit that for those times when I needed just a cut or 2, I occasionally wouldn’t make the effort to turn on the vac. With the iVac it is ALWAYS ready to go. Just switch on the saw, and the iVac goes to work. Switch off the saw and the iVac clears the remaining dust for a few seconds, then turns off. My shop is quiet again. Absolutely perfect. No fumbling for switches or remote controls. It works so nicely that I actually smiled the first time I used it. Most of the better DCs come with key fob remotes. While better than nothing, that solution pales in comparison to having the DC turn on an off automatically.
Thanks again!

– Jeff


Dust Collection on Autopilot

When the tool comes alive, so does the vacuum

My biggest complaint about dust-collection equipment is having to switch the systems on and off. It’s enough of a problem that I was eager to try the new iVAC switch, and I’m glad I did. It activates any plug-in dust-collection equipment (up to 1,400 watts) automatically whenever a power tool that’s also plugged into the switching unit is turned on.

The iVAC has been working flawlessly as part of my mitre-saw dust-collection system for a month. The vacuum comes on every time I hit the mitre-saw trigger, and then switches off six or seven seconds after the trigger is released. What more can you ask for?

– Steve Maxwell

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