Tech Advice

The following section provides detailed information on a host of technical topics for those that wish to delve deeper into the design of the iVAC Automated Workshop Dust Control System and its components.

Switchbox Rating 15Amps or 12Amps? Why the Difference?

Why Does The Circuit Breaker In The IVAC ProModule Trip?

iVAC and Dust Collectors

iVAC Contactor Design History

High Power Dust Collectors and Minimum Run Time

Dust Collector Power Ratings

Wireless or Hard Wired System Design

Installing an iVAC Contactor

iVAC PRO Trouble Shooting Guide

iVAC System Record

Programming Switches Explanation

Programming the iVAC Pro System

More Than 8 Tools

Removing Contactor Knockouts

Workshop dust control is an important issue in terms of safety, security and air quality. Work safe, and follow all guidelines related to security, whether it’s in a garage, a tool shed, or a full scale woodworking shop.

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